Publication of lot 8 - Skills report


We are pleased to publish our final report, produced by KPMG, which identifies the importance of skills provision in the Engineering Construction Industry to meet industrial cluster net zero deployment ambitions.

The analysis focused on skills demand for the engineering construction sector which has a critical role to play in providing a range of skilled personnel to build multi-billion pound projects across industrial clusters.  To ensure that these mega projects are built on time and on budget it is vital to have a strong pipeline of engineering construction labour available, which will maximise employment opportunities and meet the demands of planned Net Zero projects.

The analysis indicates that a significant surge in demand for skilled labour is set to emerge in the Humber cluster, and across other UK clusters, as multiple Net Zero projects are anticipated to commence construction from 2024.  The projects anticipated in the Humber are estimated to support 22,800 new industrial jobs.

Key findings were informed by economic literature reviews and information gathered from stakeholder engagement, 6 key market inefficiencies pertinent to the Humber are identified and presented, including:

1. Limited training provision capacity in engineering construction (staff and facilities):
2. Imperfect information (lack of awareness) and project uncertainty
3. Potential misalignment between existing training capacity and evolving industry needs
4. Lack of incentives for training (self-employed / temp workforce)
5. Workforce mobility (including geographical constraints and migration)
6. Competition between organisations for existing skilled labour

Our report can be accessed here -